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Done the Basic Training Courses Available,

Want to go further and Increase your skills and Knowledge

How About A Day of JUST

Balloon Topiaries?

With like minded People?

Dont know what they are - dont worry

we will teach you

as long as you can create a duplet

we can advance your knowledge

with this additional Skill

This course needs AT LEAST level 1 or fundamentals to have been completed

to be able to get the most from the day and works best with 6-12 students

We will start the day brushing up on your skills of health & safety

Job costing and calculation of balloon requirements.

You will create various

Topiaries designs from

Table top

to columns

to Archways

and Room/Entrance Displays

with and without assorted frames

both Air & Helium filled

5", 11" & 16" latex

and various Foil shapes

will be used

Together we will turn the Topiaries

into long lasting Decor to amaze

for both Retail 'Sales to go'

and Onsite Event Decor

Prices shown include all materials and gasses required

and use of our Conwin equipment and tilt valves.

Complete with lots of tips and tricks to help you work and 

printed instructions for continuous assistance.

This day will be a fun 6 hour day

at a student cost of £125 per person

in the Tamworth Area

Dates being finalised:

Call : 01827 316600

Email: Balloon School

For more details

 for more information on Training, current promotions and options.