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Certified One Day Balloon School - Basic Level Course

This course is the Balloon School Introduction course

and is taught at balloon School level 1 Classes

Although a higher level of instruction given than required

The course will run with the following topics covered:

  • Discuss SAFETY FIRST for you and those around you, including risk assessments
  • Discuss gasses used in balloon Decoration
  • and how to be SAFE with the Gasses used and the Cylinders
  • Discuss & Demonstrate inflation techniques with different sizes of latex balloons and Temperature effects
  • Discuss balloon design elements with foil balloons
  • Discuss The equipment we use in the industry
  • Discuss why we no longer offer Balloon Releases & Industry Code of Conduct
  • Discuss colour wheel and principles & elements of design basics
  • Discuss and show Job costing sheets recommeneded by Balloon Industry

Discuss, Demonstrate and Create -

Various Staggered and layered balloon designs

  • Discuss, Demonstrate & HANDS ON,
  • inflation techniques, sizing balloons, double stuffing, double bubbles,
    Hi floating latex balloons, design elements and balloon accessories, also adding accents with balloon twisting balloons
  • .... Create single line helium filled balloon archway
  • Discuss Arch length formulas
  • Discuss and create air filled duplets and clusters
  • ..... Create single line Air filled balloon archway
  • .... creategarlands & swags, table sculpture & columns
  • Discuss spiral Garland Chart
  • Discuss and Demonstrate designs with plastic balloons & bubbles
  • Discuss Wholesalers and Bapia